Best Tech stories around the web #189

This week: a glove to touch objects in virtual reality, VR helmets to create smells thanks to electricity, a steel bridge 3D printed and the 8th edition of the Kikk Festival.


DextrES VR gloves allow you to touch objects in virtual reality by

Researchers from EPFL and ETH Zurich have created a new pair of ultra lightweight VR gloves which weigh less than 8 g per finger and provide users with the ability to touch and manipulate virtual reality objects. Read more


Malaysia team is focused on a digital smell future by

The very idea of "multisensory" communication is provocative enough, but gets all the more interesting in the context of our digital futures. Can you not only view and hear the scene but smell it too? Read more


World's first 3D printed steel bridge is ready for installation says MX3D

The MX3D bridge is probably one of the most ambitious and impressive achievements in 3D construction. Despite the difficulties encountered, inherent in a project of this scale, the project of the Dutch company MX3D is close to its outcome.


Kikk Festival in Belgium : November 1st by

Founded in 2011 in Namur, Belgium, KIKK is an non-profit association that promotes digital and creative cultures. We create bridges between art, culture, science and technology through the organization of event and educational projects as well as the production of artworks and support to creative projects. Read more