Best Tech stories around the web #188

This week: Rolls-Royce and Intel launch autonomous freighters, the first flying car on the market soon, Adobe introduces new AR drawing tools, Amy Winehouse is coming back as a "hologram" for a 2019 world tour and a study shows that VR can change the taste of our dishes.


Rolls-Royce and Intel to partner for safe autonomous shipping by

Rolls-Royce is set to team up with US-based technology company Intel to design advanced intelligent shipping systems that will provide additional safety to the commercial shipping sector. Read more

Google's Larry Page has backed two flying-car start-ups — here's a look inside one of them, Opener by

Inside a cluster of unmarked buildings in Palo Alto, a small team backed by Google co-founder Larry Page is building a vehicle that they believe will revolutionize personal transportation. Read more


Amy Winehouse is coming back as a ‘hologram’ for a 2019 world tour by

We’re talking about technology that’s used to create virtual simulations of famous singers — usually ones no longer with us — to give fans past and present another chance to see their idol perform on stage. Read more


Adobe announces Project Aero AR authoring tool by

Adobe today revealed the preview of Project Aero, a cross-device authoring tool that enables anyone to design AR experiences. It is the first AR app targeting designers and artists. Read more


Dynamic Context Sensory Testing-A Proof of Concept Study Bringing Virtual Reality to the Sensory Booth: Virtual reality in the sensory booth… by

Eating is a multimodal experience. When we eat, we perceive not just the taste and aroma of foods, but also their visual, auditory, and tactile properties, as well as sensory input from our surroundings. Foods are commonly tested within a sensory booth, designed specifically to limit such input. Foods are not commonly experienced in such isolation, but alongside this context, which can alter how a food is perceived. Read more