Best Tech stories around the web #187

This week: magical sunglasses block the screens aroud you, Magic Leap and Sennheiser to launch mixed reality headphones, small robots building tubular structures and the international digital arts Biennale Némo starts on October 17th.


These magical sunglasses block all the screens around you by

Their IRL Glasses, which launched on Kickstarter this week, block the wavelengths of light that comes from LED and LCD screens. Read more 


Sennheiser’s Ambeo AR One in-ears blur the line between the real and the virtual by

You’d be hard pressed to find a company more invested in the future of audio than Sennheiser. With its Ambeo line, which contains headsets, soundbars, and more, the company is exploring the possibilities of binaural audio, 3D audio, and more. Read more


Neri Oxman's swarm of Fiberbots autonomously build architectural structures by

Neri Oxman and her Mediated Matter group at MIT have created a swarm of robots designed to rapidly build high-strength tubular structures by winding fibreglass filament around themselves. Read more


Biennale Némostarts on October 17th by

This edition of 6 months is an anthology of happy chances, creative accidents and serendipity! It is entirely dedicated to artistic decompartmentalization, the hybridization of disciplines, emerging aesthetics and engineering, the relationship between the arts and sciences and new societal issues that are advancing in this technological and ultra-connected era. Read more