Best Tech stories around the web #184

This week: the new electric and autonomous delivery van of Renault, the first hydrogen train in Germany, Firefox presents its web browser designed for virtual reality, Angry Birds arrives in the mixed reality and Oculus conference broadcast in virtual reality.


This Is the Weirdest Driverless Vehicle You've Ever Seen by

French carmaker Renault SA unveiled on Wednesday the EZ-Pro, an autonomous vehicle of the future that will deliver food to your place late at night or parcels to your office during the day. Read more

First hydrogen-powered train hits the tracks in Germany by

Trains on the 62-mile route in Northern Germany will be refueled in Bremervörde. Read more 


Mozilla’s Firefox Reality web browser is now available by

Firefox Reality is a browser built entirely for virtual reality. While you may have read about desktop Firefox or Chrome adding WebVR support, Firefox Reality is a web browser that you actually use entirely inside a VR headset. You can visit URLs, search things and otherwise browse the 2D and 3D internet within the new browser all without moving a mouse, just your VR hand controller. Read more 

I tried Angry Birds in Magic Leap's augmented reality by

The Angry Birds and Bad Piggies are seriously coming to Magic Leap, and it's exactly what you'd expect. Read more 


Upcoming Oculus Connect Conference Will Be Streamed In Virtual Reality by

Oculus Connect is one of the biggest annual events of the virtual reality community conducted by the Facebook-owned company. Read more