Best Tech Stories around the web #182

This week: a japanese team working on a 'space elevator', the last Volvo's concept is a fully autonomous bedroom on wheels, an incredible VR film takes you to the Amazon and the next Apple Keynote


A lift to the skies: Japan takes the first step towards building a "space elevator" by

Technical barriers have always kept plans to build a space elevator stuck at the conceptual stage. Read more


Volvo’s 360c concept car is a fully autonomous bedroom on wheels by

Without a combustion engine or a steering wheel, Volvo reimagines the car as a short-haul flight replacement. Read more


This Incredible VR Film Takes You on an Ayahuasca Journey to the Amazon by

"Awavena" expands the boundaries of what immersive video can do... Read more


Week In Wearables: Apple Watch 4 Leak, Apple Keynote Revealed, IFA Watch Highlights by

Widely predicted and now confirmed, the Apple keynote date is set: 12th september. Read more