Best Tech Stories around the web #175

This week : Google launches an AR app with new collaborative features, an immersive and interactive japanese collective exhibition in Paris, and a pastor creates a VR mega-church.


Google’s Just a Line AR app draws Android and iOS users together by

Back in March, Google released an app called “Just a Line” as part of its slew of new ARCore 1.0 apps. On Wednesday, May 30, the company not only launched a version for the iPhone but introduced a new collaborative feature for both Android and iOS. Read more


Immersive and Interactive Installation in Paris by

The teamLab Japanese collective that we have already talked about here, just moved to La Villette in Paris for an exhibition “Beyond the limits”. It transports us to a dream world where the visitor is an actor and not a spectator, as each step or movement will influence the digital fluids. Read more


This pastor is putting his faith in a virtual reality church by

D.J. Soto believes Christianity can be renewed through worship in virtual space. His VR mega-church is even attracting atheists. Read more