Best Tech Stories around the web #173

This week: The Red Hydrogen One holographic smartphone is coming out this summer, a 360 immersive experience through futuristic predictions available on Arte and the AI Forum at C2 Montreal this week.


The RED Hydrogen One is coming to AT&T and Verizon this summer by

RED’s Hydrogen One phone is coming to Verizon and AT&T sometime this summer, although there’s no word yet as to a final release date or what it will cost to buy the upcoming phone through carriers. Read more


I saw the future by

I saw the Future” invites the viewer to plunge into a three-dimensional space reflecting the futuristic predictions of Arthur C. Clarke. In 1964, Arthur C. Clarke revealed his vision of the future to the cameras of the BBC. The British author, famous for having collaborated with Stanley Kubrick on the screenplay for “2001 A Space Odyssey”, looked forward with extraordinary precision to the changes brought about today by the advent of the digital era. The futuristic visions of Arthur C. Clarke and the texture of the archive are seamlessly integrated into this 360 video, which offers an amazing journey through time. Watch


The AI Forum 2018: Taking the next bold step by

Adoption of this new mindset and technology is not only occurring rapidly, it’s a necessity in today’s economy, and raises many questions about what it means to be living and working in an AI-First world. Enter C2 Montréal’s AI Forum this week, an opportunity to explore the kinds of environments tomorrow’s organizations and workforce will inhabit, and discover new ways and means of accelerating your business. Read more