Best Tech Stories around the web #171

This week: MIT created a glove that control how deeply you sleep, Desperados brand uses mixed reality to design its iconic original bottle and can the algorithms have mental health problems ?


MIT created a glove that controls how deeply you sleep by

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently developed a device that allows a person to maintain a semi-conscious state between wakefulness and sleeping. Read more


Desperados : Future Edition by MNSTR by

For the past 20 years, desperados brand has teamed up with the urban art collective, 9ème concept, to design its iconic “original” bottle. For their 19th cooperation, théo lopez and desperados are stretching the limits of artistic creation. Read more


Does my algorithm have a mental-health problem? by

Is my car hallucinating? Is the algorithm that runs the police surveillance system in my city paranoid? Marvin the android in Douglas Adams’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy had a pain in all the diodes down his left-hand side. Is that how my toaster feels? Read more