Best Tech Stories around the web #168

This week : crazy gadget helps you talk to your computer without words, Siren, a real time digital human, cyberpunk fashion pieces by Hiroto Ikeuchi and a connected trash-cleaning robot.


This Crazy Gadget Helps You “Talk” To Your Computer Without Words by

Hey you! Ever wish your technology was more invasive? You love voice-to-text, but it’s just too public?
Some researchers at MIT Media Lab have come up with the perfect gadget for you. And it looks like a Bane mask crossed with a squid. Or, if you prefer: like a horror movie monster slowly encompassing your jaw before crawling into your mouth. Read more

Epic Games shows off amazing real-time digital human with Siren demo  by

Epic Games, CubicMotion, 3Lateral, Tencent, and Vicon took a big step toward creating believable digital humans today with the debut of Siren, a demo of a woman rendered in real-time using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 technology. Read more


Surreal, yet functional cyberpunk tech by Hiroto Ikeuchi by

Hiroto Ikeuchi — modeler, designer, artist — creates perfect cyberpunk fashion pieces. tiny, plastic model buttons, real circuit boards: they are wearable vintage throwbacks to a not-so-recent, far-less minimal past. oh, and also, they work. Read more


Someone is making a multiplayer trash robot you steer through an actual river  by

A nonprofit is trying to crowdfund a floating, trash-cleaning robot that anyone can remotely control over the internet. The nonprofit Urban Rivers already has a prototype running in the Chicago River and describes it as “so fun, we wanted to expand it into a game.” Read more