Best Tech Stories around the web #167

This week: VR could be your next painkiller, a 3D water printer, the selection of the best 360 videos and a car vending machine.


VR could be your next painkiller by

Hospitals are rolling out virtual reality to distract patients from painful experiences such as IV placements and dressing changes. Read more


Machine shop creates huge 3d water printer for gatorade campaign by

London-based machine shop turns the tech world upside down with their newly developed 3D water printer for gatorade’s commercial depicting a human figure exercising in a gym. unit9 films under director cole paviour enlisted the studio to design and build a device capable of delivering full-scale renderings of a human using data from motion capture and 3D modeling, precise to the millisecond and the millimeter. Read more


One year of boundary-pushing 360 by

Discover our selection of the stunniest 360 videos:


Alibaba’s car vending machine in China gives free test drives to people with good credit scores by

Alibaba and Ford signed a deal to form a partnership last year that would see both companies working together on new technological opportunities. Now, the companies have opened a cat-themed car vending machine in Guangzhou, China, that lets customers easily test-drive Ford vehicles they’re looking to buy. The “Super Test-Drive Center” is an unstaffed, digital vending machine that works with the Tmall app. Read more