Best Tech stories around the web #163

This week: a highly flexible electronic skin display, innovative tea crystals, billboards turned into hacker honeypots, a robotic modelling assistant using augmented reality and a smartwatch for people living with epilepsy


Researchers create an e-skin that shows your heartbeat in real-time by

Researchers from the University of Tokyo announced last week a new advancement in wearable technology: A highly flexible electronic skin display that shows your health information, allowing you to monitor vitals at a glance. Read more

Tea-Brewing Hasn’t Changed In 100 Years. These Tea Crystals Could Change That by

A startup has transformed tea leaves into crystals that instantly dissolve in water, creating a quicker and more potent beverage. Tea addicts rejoice. Read more


Hiscox turns billboards into hacker honeypots as cyber-risk warning by

Specialist insurer Hiscox is using real-time cyber attacks on « honeypot » servers linked to billboard displays for its latest advertising campaign « CyberLive ». Read more


Design in 3D augmented reality and this robotic arm physically prototypes it by

Robotic modelling assistant (RoMA) combines an augmented reality headset and two controllers, allowing the user to build a 3D model using a CAD (computer-aided design) program. a video demonstrating the system shows a robotic arm constructing a skeletal model using a simple plastic depositing 3D printer mounted on its hand. Read more


This MIT startup is developing a fitness tracker for your brain by

The Embrace smartwatch was designed for epilepsy patients. But its impact could be much broader. Read more