Best Tech Stories around the web #157

On the program this week: create your own space in VR, 3D printed objects which can connect to WiFi without battery, Lyft is now offering self-driving car trips in Boston and these technologies which will shape the future...

Facebook's Oculus gives you a VR room of your own by

The social network's VR company is offering a prerelease version of its latest software designed to let you create a unique space in VR. Read more

These 3D printed objects can connect to WiFi through plastic, without batteries or electronics by

Researchers from the University of Washington have developed 3D-printed plastic objects that can connect to the internet without any electronics or batteries in the object itself. Read more

Lyft is now offering self-driving car trips in Boston by the

Lyft’s first self-driving car pilot is officially underway. The company is sending autonomous vehicles — developed by the startup NuTonomy — to pick up passengers in Boston’s Seaport district, which is a growing tech hub. The cars are not completely driverless, as human safety drivers will remain behind the wheel, ready to take control when needed. But it’s a big moment for Lyft, which has seen its star rise this year as its main rival Uber was beset by numerous self-inflicted scandals. Read more

These Technologies Will Shape The Future, According To One Of Silicon Valley’s Top VC Firms by
Dominant companies always look invulnerable–until they’re very vulnerable. That’s been the case throughout the modern history of technology, with IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, and MySpace all once upon a time seeming secure at the top of the mountain. And then, one by one, each was toppled (though Microsoft is still a $638 billion company). Read more