Best Tech Stories around the web #153

This week: Saudi Arabi makes a robot a citizen, Bitcoin hits a new record, led system to thwarts smartphone photos and VR to lead stroke victims toward brain recovery.

Saudi Arabia, which denies women equal rights, makes a robot a citizen by

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia officially granted citizenship to the humanoid robot last week during a program at the Future Investment Initiative, a summit that links deep-pocketed Saudis with inventors hoping to shape the future. Read more

Bitcoin hits record high as it surges past $7,300 by

Early cryptocurrency adopters must be overwhelmed with joy right now. The price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed past the $7,000 mark for the first time ever, hitting yet another important milestone and setting a new all-time record high. Read more

Clever new LED lighting system thwarts unwanted smartphone photography by

Whether it's for reasons of privacy or copyright protection, this smart LED lighting system disrupts camera sensors by producing a flickering pattern that ruins photos. Read more

VR could trick stroke victims' brains toward recovery by

Researchers at the University of Southern California are examining how virtual reality could promote brain plasticity and recovery. Read more