Best Tech Stories around the web #152

On the program this week: Google makes mobile payment easy, a new variant of Peyta is spreading, your face could be your ticket in the London underground of the future and a content-aware eraser for video.

Google announces new 'pay with Google' option by

Google announced that it will be launching a new way to pay for purchases on mobile devices, the "pay with Google" option. You will be able to use any card you have on file. Read more

Bad Rabbit ransomware: A new variant of Petya is spreading, warn researchers by

Bad Rabbit, a ransomware infection thought to be a new variant of Petya, has apparently hit a number of organisations in Russia and Ukraine. In a tweet, Russian cybersecurity firm Group-IB said that at least three media organisations in the country have been hit by file-encrypting malware. Read more

Your face could be your ticket in the London Underground of the future by
The technology is aimed at cutting down queueing times in an increasingly busy system. Read more

Adobe's 'Cloak' experiment is a content-aware eraser for video by

Glamorous show-reels from shows like Game of Thrones get all the fame, but a lot of VFX work is mundane stuff like removing cars, power lines and people from shots. Adobe's research team is working on making all of that easier for anyone, regardless of budget, thanks to a project called "Cloak." Read more