Best Tech Stories around the web #148

On the program this week: Facebook wants blood donation to go viral, Marea the most powerfull undersea cable will be soon operational, Dyson wants to launch its own electric car, an origami robots changing shapes and Interstellar mission seen by Stephen Hawking.

Facebook helps blood donation go viral par

Facebook doesn’t just want to make it easy to sign up to be a blood donor from the News Feed. It’s also creating a special kind of post for requesting blood donations of a certain type in a certain location, and then notifying nearby donors that qualify. Read more

Meet Marea: Microsoft and Facebook complete undersea cable by

Facebook, Microsoft and global telecoms infrastructure company Telxius have finished work on their massive 4,000-mile undersea cable. Read more

Dyson is investing billions in building a ‘radically different’ electric car by

Dyson has announced it’s developing an electric vehicle that it promises will be “radically different” to current designs. Read more

Origami robots transform like Optimus Prime by

In a move sure to please sci-fi geeks, scientists have created a new robot that can change shape to become a wheel, a ship, and even a glider, similar to the robots of Transformers and Robotech. Read more

We should upload human minds on Stephen Hawking's interstellar mission by

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and physicist Stephen Hawking announced the Breakthrough Starshot initiative last year, a $100 million program to develop technologies for small robotic nanoprobes and light beams with the power to accelerate to 20 percent of the speed of light. That's fast enough to reach the nearest star system within a generation. Read more