Best Tech Stories around the web #147

On the program this week: Wireless charging for smartphones by Pi, smart glasses using Alexa, Ikea launches its augmented reality app, a festival broadcast in virtual reality from Central Park and Lego to learn how to code.

Pi wants to extend the reach of wireless charging by

Wireless charging isn’t new — but with the new iPhones picking it up as a feature, it’s about to get a huge boost in visibility. But wireless charging is still pretty limited, particularly in terms of where your device can be while pulling a charge. For the most part, “wireless charger” means “a pad you sit your device directly on.” Lift your phone a few centimeters off the pad, and charging stops. Read more

Amazon smart glasses talk to you without speakers by

If hands-free mobile headsets still leave you wondering why people are talking to themselves in the street, things are about to get a lot worse. “Smart glasses” resembling ordinary spectacles will soon allow people to talk to Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, any time they please. Sources familiar with the plans said that the glasses would be connected to the user’s mobile phone by Bluetooth, and a bone-conduction audio system in the arms of the spectacles would allow the wearer to hear Alexa without having to wear earphones. The glasses could be launched as early as this year. Read more

Ikea Place is an AR app that lets you put furniture on the street by

Ikea has released its own AR app to help customers visualize what their furniture might look like in their own living rooms. Or street. Or elevators. The point is, you no longer have to argue with your significant other inside the Swedish furniture conglomerate. Now you can destroy your relationship anywhere! Read more

Watch an entire New York City music festival live in VR by

NextVR and Live Nation are getting pretty good at covering concerts in VR compared to others, and now they're amping up their ambitions. In partnership with Citi, they'll broadcast the Global Citizen Festival live in VR from New York's Central Park on September 23rd, with performances by The Chainsmokers, The Lumineers, Big Sean, Alessia Cara and others. They're also presenting "Backstage with Citi," with access to artists, bands and producers not available to concert-goers. Read more

Algobrix, lego to learn how to code like a large by

Build its own robots are funny, and animate them by introducing them to the basics of computer coding, this is the fun educational game invented by the engineers of Algobrix. In a month, the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter has exceeded more than 10 times the amount hoped for by its originators. Read more