Best Tech Stories around the web #143

This week: how can creative industries benefit from blockchain, Oculus’s Marvel partnership, a sea creature that could teach humans to do the locomotion, Amazon developing an AI fashion designer.

How can creative industries benefit from blockchain? by

Five forces of blockchain technology could affect the creative economy. Here are some of the risks and challenges to overcome. Read more

What Oculus’s Marvel partnership means for its future by

What does it take to convince one of the most important IP owners in the world to green-light a big-ticket game for a nascent consumer platform? Read more

Bizarre sea creature could teach humans to do the locomotion by

A new study helps unravel the complexities of the salp’s jet-powered, aggregate lifestyle, showing how a creature that's actually dozens of individuals manages to get around at all. Fascinating stuff in and of itself, and potentially big news for designers of underwater vehicles. Read more

Amazon has developed an AI fashion designer by

Amazon isn’t synonymous with high fashion yet, but the company may be poised to lead the way when it comes to replacing stylists and designers with ever-so-chic AI algorithms. Read more