Best Tech Stories around the web #141

On the program this week: Aquila drone completes its second test flight, a prothesis with a sixth finger, Facebook helps you find Wi-Fi hotspots and new solid-state batteries by Samsung.

Facebook’s Aquila drone completes its second test flight, lands well this time by

Facebook’s plan to use large solar-powered high-altitude drones to connect areas of the world that traditionally haven’t had reliable internet access marked a significant milestone on Thursday. Aquila, its first functional aircraft, completed its second successful test flight — and landed successfully, too. The first time around, Aquila’s flight resulted in a structural failure that affected the craft’s landing and resulted in an NTSB investigation. Read more

What It’s Like To Live With A Robotic Third Thumb by

Mankind’s greatest advantage over the rest of the animal kingdom isn’t just its larger brain. It’s another, smaller evolution, shared with but a few primates, that has allowed humans to master tools that evolved from sharpened sticks to multitouch iPhones: the opposable thumb. Read more

Facebook's latest feature helps you find Wi-Fi hotspots near you by

The social network is rolling out a new feature that lists hotspots for connecting to the internet on its app around the world, it announced in a blog post. Read more

Samsung smartphones with solid-state batteries could launch in the next two years by
Solid-state batteries are expected to replace lithium-ion batteries that are currently found in smartphones and a bunch of other products in the near future. According to a report out of Korea, this is expected to happen over the next few years. Read more