Best Tech Stories around the web #136

On the program this week: a bicycle which could eliminate pollutants from air, a tattoo which indicates when your health is at risk, how a self-driving car ‘sees’ the road, an intelligent parasol and IBM's Watson creates a new experience for fans.

Smog-Free Bicycle’s pedal power could scrub pollutants from Beijing’s air by

Why it matters to you: This innovative bicycle concept won't just make you fitter, it will clean the environment, too. Riding a bike instead of driving a car may be the more environmentally friendly choice of transport, but could bicycles actually help fight pollution more directly? The Netherlands’ Studio Roosegaarde claims the answer is a resounding “yes” and it’s got its eyes set on Beijing’s notoriously high levels of smog to prove its point. Read more

Color-changing tattoo ink indicates when your health is at risk by

DermalAbyss is a project that explores the possibilities of human skin as an interface and interactive display. MIT Media Lab researcher Katia Vega has been delving into this innovative field for seven years now, having created technological beauty products such as conductive makeup and smart fake eyelashes. Read more

This is how a self-driving car ‘sees’ the road by

Ever wonder what an autonomous vehicle ‘sees’ via its sensors, on-board computing and sensor fusion system? This video from Civil Maps, the high-definition maps technology company backed by Ford, reveals some of what’s going on when it comes to combining detailed 3D maps with sensor data culled from LiDAR, optical cameras, radar and other on-board vehicle hardware used to take stock of the world around an autonomous vehicle. Read more

ShadeCraft unveils prototype intelligent parasol by

I first came across US company ShadeCraft while writing up a report on what I thought were wacky products from CES in Las Vegas, some of which would never see the light of day, quite literally in this case. I loved the idea of an intelligent parasol – what next an intelligent garden spade? Read more

IBM's Watson is finding its voice at Wimbledon as AELTC looks to balance innovation with tradition by

Pursuing innovation while maintaining tradition can present a difficult balancing act for brands, but it's one which the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) is mastering with the help of IBM's AI technology thanks to new developments which are helping create a far more personalised experience for fans. Read more