Best Tech Stories around the web #131

This week: Facebook launches a social network in virtual reality, the new and improved Google Earth, Apple pledges to make iPhone entirely from recycled material and watch a rocket launch in glorious 360 degrees.

Facebook Spaces makes virtual reality a social experience by

You'll be able to hang out with friends in 3D with the social media giant's new VR platform, released to software developers Tuesday at the F8 conference. Read more

Explore The Planet With The New And Improved Google Earth by

If you haven’t looked at Google Earth recently, now would be a good time for a return visit. Google just released a new version and it’s amazing. It’s also an almost irresistible time sink. We live on a rich and varied planet and Google Earth is doing everything it can to make the earth’s visual wonders available to all. It’s very easy to lose time exploring Google Earth; you’ve been forewarned. Read more

Apple pledges to make iPhone entirely from recycled material by

The tech firm said work is well underway towards its pledge to make its products with zero environmental impact. Read more

Watch a Rocket Launch in Glorious 360 Degrees for the First Time Ever by

Watching a rocket launch is the most wholesome and exciting activity besides going on a rollercoaster or eating large quantities of cheese. Today, at around 11:11 am EDT, NASA, in coordination with United Launch Alliance (ULA) and Orbital ATK, will take things to the next level—the agency will be broadcasting the first-ever 360 degree live stream of a rocket launch. Read more