Best Tech Stories around the web #121

On the program this week: Volkswagen Hover Car, a robot capable of handling objects delicately, smart glasses with autofocus, Artificial Intelligence: a Big Deal for Poker, Lego launches a social network for kids and Facebook ordered to pay $500m in Oculus virtual reality dispute.

Volkswagen Hover Car: Is this the future of transportation? by

Will the car of the future look anything like the car of today? According to Volkswagen, it could look like a floating doughnut. The VW Hover Car is one of three concepts to come out of the People’s Car Project the German company company launched in China last year. It was recently presented to the public at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. Read more

This robot arm is surprisingly good at picking up fruit by

British online grocery store Ocado has been on the hunt for a robot. It wants to even further automize its grocery process by getting a robot to pick and pack orders. So in coordination with the SoMa Project — a robotics project funded by the European Union — Ocado has been testing and developing possible solutions. Read more

These smart glasses automatically focus on what you’re looking at by

When Carlos Mastrangelo hit his early 50s, he started suffering from a vision problem many people have as they age: he couldn’t focus up close anymore and so, his eye doctor told him, he needed to wear glasses whenever he wanted to read a book. Read more

Why Poker Is a Big Deal for Artificial Intelligence by

Playing poker involves dealing with imperfect information, which makes the game very complex, and more like many real-world situations. Read more

Lego launches 'safe' social network for under-13s by

Lego's launched a "safe" social network for under-13s on a new app, called Lego Life. Read more

Facebook ordered to pay $500m in Oculus virtual reality dispute by

Facebook has been ordered to pay $500m (£395m) after its virtual reality division was found to use stolen technology. The ruling took the shine off the world’s biggest social network posting record fourth-quarter profits and signing up millions of new users. Read more