Best Tech Stories around the web #120

This week: human skin is now 3D printed in labs, European Parliament votes on robots' legal status, Australia is replacing passports with facial recognition tech and NASA mobile game lets you visit the ISS.

3D printing: Human skin is now being printed in labs by

Today a fully-functioning replica of the body’s largest organ (yes, that’s the skin) can be created in a lab, say scientists from Charles III University of Madrid. It’s an advancement that could transform millions of lives – in particular the 11m people who become burn victims each year. Read more

MEPs vote on robots' legal status - and if a kill switch is required by

MEPs have called for the adoption of comprehensive rules for how humans will interact with artificial intelligence and robots. Read more

Australia Is Replacing Passports With Facial Recognition Tech par

The Australian government wants to replace passports with advanced biometric facial, iris, and fingerprint recognition to allow for an automatic, self-processing system for 90 percent of passengers. Read more

NASA mobile game lets you grow plants on the ISS par

NASA quietly launched a mobile game last month that allows gamers to grow their own virtual plants aboard the International Space Station. Called “Space Science Investigations: Plant Growth,” the game takes players aboard the ISS, where they meet the crew, gather items, float around, and ultimately get their own mission: experimental plant growth. Read more