Best Tech Stories around the web #118

This last days: a south korean bipedal robot takes its first steps, Nissan’s launches a call center for self-driving cars, Dutch Eeectric trains Now run on wind energy and autonomous shuttles are now in circulation in Las Vegas.

A South Korean bipedal robot takes its first steps by

After many years of working for science fiction movies like transformers, robocop and terminator, designer vitaly bulgarov has brought to life a giant 4-meter-tall, 1.5 ton robot called ‘METHOD-2′. Read more

Nissan’s Path to Self-Driving Cars? Humans in Call Centers by

“This is it!” Maarten Sierhuis says. “I mean, look at this.” He points to a photo of road construction at an intersection in Sunnyvale, California, near Nissan’s Silicon Valley research center, which Sierhuis runs. A line of cones shunts traffic to the left side of the double yellow line. The light is red. A worker holds a “Slow” sign. It’s the sort of seemingly unremarkable situation that can trigger convulsions in the brain of an autonomous vehicle. Read more

100 Percent of Dutch Electric Trains Now Run on Wind Energy by

The Netherlands now runs all of its electric trains* on wind energy, meeting a goal to transition to 100 percent renewable energy a year ahead of schedule. Read more

Your first driverless vehicle experience might be in this shuttle by

The french company Navya just launched the fisrt autonomous, electric bus to be used on public streets in the US. Read more