Best Tech Stories around the web #117 - Special CES

This week, a selection of the best innovations showcased at CES 2017!

Underwater powerray fishing drone creates waves at the CES 2017 by

At the CES 2017 electronics and technology trade show, powervision presents the ‘powerray’, an underwater drone that revolutionizes the recreational fishing industry. designed for freshwater, saltwater, and even ice fishing, the robot provides a thrilling and effortless experience for enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. Read more

Adventurers, meet your connected smart bikes from LeEco by

LeEco, the video-streaming, phone- and TV-making, smart car-demoing mega-company based in China, is adding more bicycles to its seemingly endless line of devices. Though we've seen prototypes of smart bicycles from it before (see our video below), these new bikes are debuting at CES 2017 and will come to the US in the second quarter of this year. Read more

Kuri robot is your small but highly intelligent personal buddy by

CES 2017: mayfield robotics unveiled the intelligent ‘kuri’ robot at the CES 2017 trade show in las vegas. characterized by personality, awareness, and mobility, the robot is said to ‘add a spark of life to any home’. Read more

You can now control your Hyundai through Google Home by

Hyundai’s Blue Link service, in addition to offering automatic emergency support, lets owners control various aspects of their cars remotely through a connected smartphone, Apple Watch, or Android Wear device. At CES 2017, the car company announced a new partnership with Google to add voice control for your car through the Google Home. Read more

Sleep number 360 smart bed auto adjusts comfort and stops snoring by

CES 2017: unveiled at the CES 2017 trade show in las vegas, the sleep number ‘360 smart bed’ intuitively senses and automatically adjusts comfort to keep both users sleeping soundly all night long. enhancing sleepIQ technology – the latest advancement in biometric sleep tracking – the bed transforms the way we sleep, providing improved wellbeing as a result of better quality rest. Read more

Insta360 Launches Pro 8K 360 Camera by

I've reviewed quite a few 360-degree video cameras at this point, and time and time again the same issue has popped up—there simply aren't enough pixels in a 4K video to capture the world in the crisp, clear vision that we've come to expect from traditional cameras and camcorders. Read more

Bose to Showcase Its Seat Suspension Technology for Autonomous Cars at CES 2017 by
Bose, a company better known for its sound products, is planning to showcase its seat suspension technology, called Bose Ride suspension seating, at CES 2017 trade show. The company has said that it will be demonstrating a simulated autonomous vehicle, which will be equipped with its technology. Read more