Best Tech Stories around the web #105

On the program this week : self-driving Uber in Pittsburgh, the Louvres museum captured in 8k, iPhone 7 sold out.


Uber starts self-driving car pickups in Pittsburgh by

Beginning today, a select group of Pittsburgh Uber users will get a surprise the next time they request a pickup: the option to ride in a self driving car.

The announcement comes a year-and-a-half after Uber hired dozens of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s robotics center to develop the technology.

Uber gave a few members of the press a sneak peek Tuesday when a fleet of 14 Ford Fusions equipped with radar, cameras and other sensing equipment pulled up to Uber’s Advanced Technologies Campus (ATC) northeast of downtown Pittsburgh.


NHK captures Louvre Museum in 8K by

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK has created an 8K programme in an international coproduction with French art museum the Louvre, for test broadcasts of 8K (Super Hi-Vision) just started in August. This marks the first international coproduction to be created entirely in 8K.

NHK says it hopes that the high regard that the Louvre, the world’s most famous art museum, has for 8K will help accelerate the spread and understanding of the format among those in the field of art.


The iPhone 7 Plus won't be available in Apple Stores this Friday by

You already know that Apple's Jet Black iPhones are completely, utterly, totally sold out, with wait times now extending to November. But things just got even more real.

The iPhone 7 Plus is now sold out worldwide and won't be available to walk-in customers at Apple Stores when it officially launches this Friday. In addition, the Jet Black iPhone 7 won't be available to in-store customers either. That means even if you plan to camp out in front of an Apple Store on launch day, it won't have an iPhone 7 Plus or Jet Black iPhone 7 to sell you.