b<>com's people: Interview with Boris Labbé

For this new portrait of b<>com's people, we head for the Augmented Medicine lab. We’re here to meet Boris. Extraordinary developer, he has been working at b<>com since he graduated.

Could you tell us how you got here?

I’ve always been passionate about computing! So with my secondary degree in hand, I naturally chose to major in computing, After two years, I decided to continue my engineering studies at INSA, focusing on computing. I joined b<>com’s “Augmented Medicine” laboratory for my graduate internship in 2015. For six months I worked on software to train surgical residents. After the internship, I was asked to stay on!

What projects are you currently working on?

Right now I’m working on issues involving augmented reality. b<>com, along with other medical players, is involved in the FollowKnee project whose purpose is to develop a digitally connected prosthetic knee. Our goal is to make it easier to install thanks to augmented reality. One of the planned scenarios is to use a Hololens mixed reality headset that will enable us to apply 3D location and tracking algorithms.

What do you like about b<>com?

Off the top of my head, I’d say the trust placed in me. Since I started at b<>com, I’ve always been free in my technical choices. In concrete terms, a goal is assigned to us, but the choice of what technology to use is left up to each individual. We have no constraints on what technology to adopt, whether it’s for the language, the framework, etc. It allows to explore the latest technologies and always be at the cutting edge.

Additionally, I believe in the diversity of the people at b<>com. That’s because different people have very different profiles and backgrounds. I have a background as a developer and it’s nice to not be shut away with my peers but rather to work with people from other backgrounds like research engineers. Besides human diversity, I could also mention the constant stream of technologies and projects. It’s never boring at b<>com!

Finally, life at b<>com outside of working hours! We try to regularly plan after-work sessions with colleagues and the gym is a real gem.

Do you have any anecdotes to share?

The lab awards! Each year, b<>com holds a gala to recognize the year’s top successes. At these ceremonies, the teams were asked to produce a 120-second video to present their current work. It was ultimately a strong team-building effort and offbeat version of House M.D., handing us the win ;-)