b<>com takes Vietnam's pulse

b<>com has identified Vietnam as one of the countries with high potential for cooperation in the e-health field.

Following a first meeting with the Ministry of Science and Technology at the Vietnamese embassy in Paris in May, b<>com and the MOST organizsed a special trip led by Eric Thibaut, Director of the e-Health programme and Eric Stindel, Professor at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale and Orthopaedic Surgeon at Brest Hospital, who is currently involved in one of the IRT's projects. This provided our specialists with the opportunity to discover the scientific, technological and academic level of hospitals and research laboratories in Vietnam and to explore the opportunities for cooperation and the development of products and services. The delegation took place between the 24th and 29th November: two days in Ho Chi Minh city then three days in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Here are some photos of the many visits and meetings.Meeting with a Japanese delegationVisit to the SHTP clean room by Dr Stindel and Eric ThibautMeeting at the Ministry of ScienceVisit to Hanoi Central Hospital (VietDuc University Hospital) / the b<>com delegation was able to attend a few operationsThe immersive media and augmented reality laboratory at the MICA Laboratory (HUST Hanoi)Hanoi University of Science & Technic (HUST)                      "This delegation special trip has cleared the way for future cooperation with Vietnam, especially in the areas of Telemedicine and Teletraining. We are planning to capitalisze on the many fruitful contacts we made. Vietnam has always been a strategic location, positioned as it is between Japan and China, but it is also a major economic and technological objective." said Eric Thibaut, e-Health programme director.Vietnam2013a-comp