b<>com stands out with a green approach to its data center

Fred Pieau
Low-consumption, high-tech and more secure: A data center ahead of the rest

After 6 months of operation, b<>com's datacenter has just had its datacenter added to the European Code of Conduct for Data Centres Energy Efficiency programme (CoC). An environmentally responsible approach that makes it possible to combine cutting-edge technologies, low energy consumption, and optimised infrastructure operational costs. A system has also been put in place so that the calories drained by the datacenter's cooling system power a high-efficiency heat pump , which reinjects most of them into the building's heating system.

b<>com commits to a responsible datacenter

Philippe Lemonnier, Director of Infrastructure and Technologies at b<>com, reflected on this challenge that the teams had to tackle: "We have spent more than a year crafting and designing our datacenter. From the outset, optimizing power consumption has been a given for us. The process of making commitments to the European Commission's Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) has been long and arduous, but we are now proud that it has borne fruit. The level of requirements needed to meet the CoC's assessment criteria has kept us focused when making choices in all of the structure-defining fields, like energy, climate, computing, mechanics, security, and fire protection."

Secure, high-performance equipment for the entire b<>com ecosystem

The main reason that b<>com has put this high-performance, secure infrastructure in place is to meet the specific needs of its teams of researchers. However, the datacenter can also handle outside requests, allowing businesses small and large to access powerful services for their R&D work.