b<>com has just signed its first international collaboration agreement

During the first edition of Symposium iX in Montréal, b<>com formalized its collaboration agreement with the Society for Arts and Technology. Proof of their common desire to build concrete collaborations, particularly in the fields of visual immersion, interaction with hypermedia content, and 3D audio.

"The Society for arts and technology has a global reputation in the field of immersive experience, particularly through its use of hybrid spaces and domes applied to artistic creation. For b<>com, which works on natural interactions in these immersive environments, but with a more industrial-scale approach, sharing views and holding discussions between research teams is part of an open, innovation-rich approach," says Bertrand Guilbaud, the CEO of b<>com. "We are therefore especially delighted to have a formal framework for our discussions. We can already foresee highly complementary approaches to 3D audio."

According to Monique Savoie, President, Founder, and Artistic Director of the SAT: "The SAT is very happy to partner with the b<>com Institute of Research and Technology through this international collaborative agreement to work on developing tools, processes, and new usages in digital culture. It is extraordinary how well our two organizations' interests align in the fields of immersion, interaction, and networking, and as such we expect to forge a successful relationship and share our respective knowledge, both in the context of current research and in new projects enhanced by this alliance. International collaboration that encourages the free movement of people, ideas, and research findings is essential to our fields of activity; this agreement between b<>com and the SAT confirms our mutual desire to work towards this direction."

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