b<>com best Tech stories from around the web #35

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Women now account for over half of people who play video games, a study has found, driven by the ever-burgeoning app market (and hopefully a little bit less gender stereotyping).

Peter Thiel says he’s trying to get entrepreneurs to go after bigger problems than the ones Silicon Valley is chasing.

In the last decade, the world has experienced a significant boom in the disruption economy. The disruptive innovation that we have seen over the past few years has helped create new markets and value networks. Some even disrupt an existing market and value network over a period of time, eventually displacing earlier technologies.

Our technologies and their ability to undo may have formed our expectations about how much it is actually reversible in real life.

Rather than identifying “Science Kardashians”—those who are, as Hall put it, “famous for being famous”—the top 50 list reveals that a majority of the science Twitter stars spend much, if not all, of their time on science communication.