b<>com attends the MPEG meeting

Research and development experts in the field of multimedia gathered in Strasbourg, France this past October 20 to 24. b<>com participated, both as a sponsor and through the presence of some of the hypermedia team.

MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) meets three times a year to work on the standardization of audio and video formats. This fall, it was France (and Strasbourg)'s turn to host the meeting and its 400 attendees. As a new player in MPEG standardization, b<>com took the opportunity to be the event organization’s partner.

Power comes with b<>com

The IRT b<>com is involved in work regarding new media formats, in particular HDR (High Dynamic Range) and the upcoming compression standards. Seven b<>com employees took part in the plenary and breakout sessions, proving that the Institute is steadily becoming more involved in standardization bodies. 

Besides the challenges noted with regard to image and audio standards, they hosted a particularly lively roundtable on the future of compression post-HEVC with Ericsson, Google, Huawei, Netflix, Orange, Qualcomm, and Samsung​.

Next meeting to be held in February in Geneva.