The Augmented Reality plan is a Go!

Caroline Ablain
Vincent Marcatté, President of b<>com and head of the industrial Augmented Reality Plan, has just submitted his roadmap to the Ministry of the Economy. It was approved by Arnaud Montebourg and Axelle Lemaire, and will now be implemented.

The workgroup, with Images & Réseaux in the lead and b<>com involved, has defined five priority segments, chosen for their maturity and economic potential: the factory of the future, cultural and creative industries, land use, health, and trade.

"The prospects offered by these markets are very attractive, and those involved are especially interested. As project manager, my goal is to guide these industrial projects, facilitate the sharing of tools and the emergence of platforms, and structure ecosystems over time, all while assisting in the emergence of "champions" on the international stage" said Vincent Marcatté.

Among the 34 plans for the New Industrial France, the AR plan was unique in that it was the only 100% universally applicable digital strategic plan. This is because the technology has the potential to revolutionize everyday life by opening up new possibilities in every field in terms of improving services and processes. It achieves this by offering new usages in many sectors of the economy. 

b<>com will play a key role among the plan's players by co-piloting two of the four priority actions, one of them with the IRT Jules Verne. Our IRT will particularly work on the "AR factory", an experimental services platform for augmented reality applications.

Immersive Interactions lab uses tabs for its augmented reality applicacions.

Fred Pieau