Advanced Connectivity

Fred Pieau
Communication systems are experiencing a major change being driven by their convergence on technologies drawn from information systems: Network programming, virtualization, and now cloudification, flexibility, and speed of deployment.

To become proficient in high-quality end-to-end services, meet the needs of various industries, and offer a better user experience, it is necessary to find solutions for broadband mobile and IoT that are coordinated with access networks and core networks alike.

The Advanced Connectivity lab is helping this change come about by designing software and hardware solutions ranging from radio access (massive MIMO, millimeter waves, new FECs) to core network infrastructure (SDN architecture, CUPS, and micro-services) that can address these new needs. The lab relies on expanded areas of skill such as radio, signal processing, systems on-chip (SoC), Software-Defined Radio (SDR) platforms, software development, and cloud infrastructure. It handles these subjects by offering architecture upgrades that restructure the functions toward the Edge network.