David Tardivel

Manager Cloud Computing Lab
  • Career

With an engineering degree in software development, David began his career at Alcatel CIT working on software development for E10 switches. In 2000, he joined Alcatel-Lucent to take part in software development for its messaging solutions (Top Message for France Telecom, the first-generation MMS-C, SMS-C) before taking over international responsibility for the SMS-C project. Beginning in 2007, David has devoted himself solely to projects put forward at Alcatel-Lucent as a Technical Leader. He is involved in the Systerminal project for the Images & Networks division and in implementing an IMS/Web/Cloud convergence solutions for Alcatel-Lucent’s ‘Media Server’ products.

  • At b<>com

In 2014, David joined b<>com as a senior development engineer and Scrum Master. In January 2017, he became head of the Cloud Computing laboratory.