Caroline Ablain

Bertrand Guilbaud has been the Chief Executive Officer of the b<>com Institute of Research and Technology since it was created in November 2012.

As its leader, he started by recruiting talented people motivated by this ground-breaking project, as a key factor of its success, with the goal of making b<>com a global name in innovation in its areas of focus. His philosophy of action, based on giving researcher-engineers responsibility and autonomy, combines a strategy of influencing standardization, technological excellence, and market pragmatism.  Under his impetus, b<>com quickly set itself apart in the research ecosystem by exhibiting its earliest solutions and ingredients at major trade shows. In 2017, the IRT could boast of about forty technology transfers, more than 200 published papers, and work on next-generation imaging that had won the Technology Innovation Award at the NAB Show, a major event for broadcasting professionals.

Bertrand began his career in 1986 at the Thomson-CSF Group (now Thales) in the field of Radar. Starting in 1989, he moved into technological research applied to video, sound, and communications while still at Thomson-CSF (a division that is now Technicolor) until he became executive director of an international product line. In 2009, he was named Chief Executive Officer of the Images & Réseaux cluster, a job which he held for 4 years. It was in this role that he spotted the opportunity to build b<>com and promote the project for its shareholder-members.

With degrees from Supélec and the University of Rennes, and an Executive MBA, this unconventional manager enjoys talking about what makes his teams so adept. A strong defender of diverse skills and gender equity, who is committed to promoting France, Brittany, and Rennes, where he lives, he is also passionate about sports, technology, and travel.