Network Architecture

Fred Pieau
"Everything at our fingertips": Widespread access to all types of content at all times and from all places is key to today’s new practices. But the boom in data transfers, the growing number of terminals, the complexity of content, and the need for instant speed mean that the architecture of telecommunications networks must be redesigned. With this in mind, the Network Architecture lab designs architectures suited to these needs and the overall management system that will enable the optimal use of the resources deployed.

The Network Architecture lab meets these challenges by drawing on the inexorable convergence between telecom and IT systems. Its goal is to deploy network functions on standard equipment that provide not just connectivity and routing, but also storage and processing capabilities. Managing all these resources as a unified whole is crucial in order to ensure the operation, quality, and security of the network in an orderly and fluid manner from end to end. The laboratory tackles these issues by breaking down and virtualizing network functions, defining abstraction layers, developing APIs, and instituting the appropriate protocols.

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