Augmented Healthcare

Fred Pieau
Moving towards personalized medicine, improving clinical benefits thanks to more accurate diagnoses and more effective, better-targeted treatments: these are typical challenges for the Augmented Healthcare lab. It co-builds tools with the practitioner that are needed to improve his or her performance, from establishing a diagnosis to providing an exacting level of care.

Augmented Healthcare lab writes algorithms and software for processing medical images and merging multimodal clinical data (MRI, scanner, etc.) so that clinicians can have all the information they need to establish a fast, accurate diagnosis. It invents key components of medical devices (implants, software, systems, etc.) that are optimized for the patient, and can offer guidance and safety to the clinician in providing care so as to increase accuracy and reduce the redo rate. The solutions developed by the Augmented Healthcare lab abide by the regulatory requirements that apply to medical devices.

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