Experimentation of Privacy Protection for JPEG Contents on Image-Sharing Platforms

Conference: 9th International Conference on Security of Information and Networks (SIN) 2016


More and more users prefer to share their photos through image-sharing platforms of social networks than using e-mail or personal webpages. It makes sharing easier, and most of the platforms allow the users to specify who can access to each image. It may result a feeling of safety and privacy, but privacy is not guaranteed since at least the provider of the image-sharing platform can clearly know the contents of any published images. Therefore, uploading an encrypted image is a good solution to protect user’s privacy.

In this paper, we implement an image encryption algo- rithm to be used on several widely used image-sharing plat- forms. In order to provide sufficient information for our experiments, we first analyze and get to know about the characteristics of different platforms. We then upload the encrypted images to these platforms, download and decrypt them. Further, by comparing decrypted images and the cor- responding original ones, we obtain the experimental results. The results show that our encryption algorithm can be used to protect the privacy on Flickr, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter.