The b<>com Technology Research Institute is a technology pioneer and provider for companies that want to digitally boost their competitive edge. In concrete terms, b<>com innovates at the highest levels in areas like artificial intelligence, immersive video and audio, content protection, 5G networks, the Internet of Things, and cognitive technologies.

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Bye Bye MWC, Welcome MRC!

b<>com organizes this week on its campus in Rennes (from Tuesday to Friday) the Mobile Rennes Congress! A unique opportunity to discover the demos designed for MWC.
Bye Bye MWC, Welcome MRC!

Best Tech Stories around the web #238

This week: A solar airplane with the potential to stay airborne for a year, jaguar land rover unveils its electric city, China launches app to identify 'close contact' with coronavirus and the Vertigo Forum in Paris.
Best Tech Stories around the web #238

Best Tech Stories around the web #237

This week: A brain implant restores partial vision to blind people, Airbus reveals blended wing airplane that could cut carbon emissions by 20%, Mitsubishi’s fake LED skylights simulate sunlight and Transmediale 2020 until Mar, 01 in Berlin.
Best Tech Stories around the web #237

[VIDEO] b<>com's people: Interview with Albert Murienne

After electronic engineering studies in Grenoble, Albert joined a small mobile robotics business for his first job. After four years, he was hired...

[VIDEO] b<>com's people: Interview with Albert Murienne
Fred Pieau

Edge Computing power!

Have you heard about Edge Computing? Learn all about its scope, benefits, and challenges from Mathieu Lagrange, Director of Networks & Security at b<>com!
Edge Computing power!

Best Tech Stories around the web #236

This week: Cancer gene map heralds a new era of personalized treatment, a new Google project reveals climate change damage to Unesco sites, and Berlin artist with 99 phones tricks Google Maps into traffic jam alert.
Best Tech Stories around the web #236

FIC 2020: What’s new in the land of cybersecurity?

From January 28-30, the 2020 edition of FIC, the International Cybersecurity Forum, took place in Lille. All of the industry's major players were there: Thalès, Airbus, Qualys, Orange Cyberdéfense. There was even a significant government presence. The topic of personal data protection was still on everyone's lips, but blockchain has practically vanished from the event! Our experts at the conference shared their take on its major trends.
FIC 2020: What’s new in the land of cybersecurity?

Best Tech Stories around the web #235

AI-powered robot pickers will be the next big work revolution, cube-like skateboard wheels for tough terrain, robots learn to sweat to stop overheating, and Deep Space Music brings together sound and image, music & computer animation in a way that transforms the projection space into a setting for intimate experiences!
Best Tech Stories around the web #235


Culture & Creation

Information-sharing, access to culture, and preserving heritage are examples of areas where digital technology is completely changing the cultural and creative industries. Whether it’s broadcasting, movies, heritage, or the arts, the cultural and creative industries are associated with a strong, internationally famous French identity.

With world-renowned expertise at the highest level, b<>com is taking action in this technology landscape for which excellence is a must, including in augmented reality, immersion, 3D image/sound/video playback, content production/post-production, digital distribution, and rights protection. b<>com is also a player on the international scene, taking part in standardization bodies and industrial alliances in order to encourage the development of interoperable technologies for the cultural and creative industries, with an eye toward the export market.


Digital Infrastructures

Our societies are experiencing a fundamental transformation; the world is becoming more digital at all levels, including human relationships, recreation, production, government agencies, and more. We are now living in a world that is growing increasingly virtual, tending toward optimization and focused on the collection, exchange, and usage of data of all kinds.

b<>com is a guide to this transformation through its convergent network and application infrastructure solutions that open the way to increasing flexibility, more opportunities for adapting to needs and practices, and the instituting of end-to-end high-quality services. b<>com is also addressing the serious challenges of security for users and their data by offering innovative solutions to deploy digital infrastructure that better protects the rights and freedoms of everyone.


The health care program addresses major issues for individuals and the public at large. b<>com creates innovative components based on the latest digital technologies for personalized, distributed, and integrated health care: medical imaging and health data cloud, support for translational research for developing biomarkers; image-guided provider assistance, particularly via augmented reality; support for surgical workflows and synchronized real-time medical video; integrating data around the clinical pathway, making the patient an agent in their own health; evaluating the acceptability of the impact of digital technology by health professionals and patients.


Industry 4.0

Much like the last three industrial revolutions, Industry 4.0 aims to totally change the way goods are mass-produced. To address the needs of consumers who are seeking increasing low-cost customization, the factories of the future must rely on new technologies integrated all along the value chain.

b<>com offers the factories of the future the benefits of its solutions in the areas of augmented and virtual reality, advanced connectivity (LTE/4G/5G), the Internet of Things, the media, the Cloud, and artificial intelligence.


Defense in particular, but more broadly the security and trust industries, are seeking to encourage the emergence of new forms of innovation and new kinds of innovators.

With its scientific potential and engineering capabilities, b<>com, which addresses innovation in various civilian technologies (5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality, spatialized audio, holography, user experience, digital infrastructure, etc.), can play a role in the digital transformation in order to help these technologies find new use cases in critical environments, thereby becoming dual-use. Already active in cybersecurity with concrete results in authentication and digital identity, content protection, network security with anomaly detection, intrusion, and remediation, b<>com is opening up its projects to cyberdefense with its shareholder-members and the French ecosystem, particularly including the Pôle d'Excellence Cyber Cluster.


b<>com invests in the latest technological ressources in order to support its projects. Its infrastructures and skills are available for rent or for service offers.