The b<>com Technology Research Institute is a technology pioneer and provider for companies that want to digitally boost their competitive edge. In concrete terms, b<>com innovates at the highest levels in areas like artificial intelligence, immersive video and audio, content protection, 5G networks, the Internet of Things, and cognitive technologies.

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[VIDEO] b<>com's people: Interview with Cédric Morin

After university studies at Télécom Bretagne, including a six-month internship in Argentina and a gap year in New Caledonia, Cédric joined b<...

[VIDEO] b<>com's people: Interview with Cédric Morin

Best Tech Stories around the web #256

This week: MIT develops robots that can manipulate cables, Google SkinMarks could turn our bodies into a touchpad, Closest ever pictures taken of the Sun and a Nintendo NES set released with LEGO.
Best Tech Stories around the web #256

Best Tech Stories around the web #255

This week: This NASA-developed tech turns billboards into air purifiers, The 'mind-reading' bicycle that could save lives, South Korean drone display reminds watchers to wash hands and wear masks, the 'parallaxis' short film follows two augmented humans as they survey earth's terrain, Floating movie theater with socially distant boats coming to Paris river.
Best Tech Stories around the web #255
The Explorers

b<>com and EVS Media Infrastructure together enhancing and improving the viewing experience

EVS Media Infrastructure, global leader in broadcast network infrastructure, and b<>com have teamed up to offer b<>com *Adaptive HDR Converter*, a real-time adaptive HDR conversion functionality to the users of EVS Media Infrastructure brand new product, Neuron.
b<>com and EVS Media Infrastructure together enhancing and improving the viewing experience

Best Tech Stories around the web #254

This week: a portable and low-cost device that turns seawater into drinking water, a driverless social-distancing tram designed for hong kong, green sand beach to fight climate change, and Punchdrunk partners with Pokémon Go creators Niantic to create AR adventures.
Best Tech Stories around the web #254

Broadpeak and SLS boost their innovations with b<>com

To make it easier for local small and medium businesses (SMBs) to access b<>com’s digital technologies and skills, the Region of Brittany issued an initial call for projects (CFP) in 2019, coordinated by the Images & Réseaux cluster and communicated through regional competitiveness clusters. This has led Broadpeak and SLS France, two Breton SMBs, to work together with the b<>com teams in the fields of 5G and e-health. The second b<>com CFP was launched on June 30, 2020 by Images & Réseaux.
Broadpeak and SLS boost their innovations with b<>com

Best Tech Stories around the web #253

This week: an AI app turns pixelated faces into realistic photos, Fugaku is the new fastest computer in the world, modular floating dwelling units, a virtual reality exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, and the world’s biggest music festival in Minecraft.
Best Tech Stories around the web #253

Facial recognition can be responsible, ethical, and trustworthy

The artificial intelligence revolution is currently helping to expand several fields of technology, one of them being facial recognition. But looking beyond the incredible technical performance that it has achieved, facial recognition is also leading to passionate debate about its technical, ethical, and social impacts resulting from some of its uses, explains Amine Kacete, artificial intelligence research engineer at b<>com.
Facial recognition can be responsible, ethical, and trustworthy

Best Tech Stories around the web #252

This week: Tesla Model S now offers over 400 miles of range, human cells to turn Invisible, and a futuristic avatar joined the wildly popular world of Fortnite to help give young victims of abuse.
Best Tech Stories around the web #252


Culture & Creation

Information-sharing, access to culture, and preserving heritage are examples of areas where digital technology is completely changing the cultural and creative industries. Whether it’s broadcasting, movies, heritage, or the arts, the cultural and creative industries are associated with a strong, internationally famous French identity.

With world-renowned expertise at the highest level, b<>com is taking action in this technology landscape for which excellence is a must, including in augmented reality, immersion, 3D image/sound/video playback, content production/post-production, digital distribution, and rights protection. b<>com is also a player on the international scene, taking part in standardization bodies and industrial alliances in order to encourage the development of interoperable technologies for the cultural and creative industries, with an eye toward the export market.


Digital Infrastructures

Our societies are experiencing a fundamental transformation; the world is becoming more digital at all levels, including human relationships, recreation, production, government agencies, and more. We are now living in a world that is growing increasingly virtual, tending toward optimization and focused on the collection, exchange, and usage of data of all kinds.

b<>com is a guide to this transformation through its convergent network and application infrastructure solutions that open the way to increasing flexibility, more opportunities for adapting to needs and practices, and the instituting of end-to-end high-quality services. b<>com is also addressing the serious challenges of security for users and their data by offering innovative solutions to deploy digital infrastructure that better protects the rights and freedoms of everyone.


The healthcare technology industry needs to address major challenges, of both the individual and collective kind. Medicine is becoming more and more connected, personalized, and preventive. It is moving closer to a multidisciplinary approach where data and artificial intelligence are to play a critical role, and the patient has more say in the course of their treatment.

With expertise from each of its laboratories, and ISO 13485 certification for medical devices, b<>com is using its technologies to assist in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector. Medical providers can easily access the innovative solutions that b<>com has to offer, in areas like surgical guidance solutions, patient flow predictions, image/video analysis, and translational research tools.

Industry 4.0

Much like the last three industrial revolutions, Industry 4.0 aims to totally change the way goods are mass-produced. To address the needs of consumers who are seeking increasing low-cost customization, the factories of the future must rely on new technologies integrated all along the value chain.

b<>com offers the factories of the future the benefits of its solutions in the areas of augmented and virtual reality, advanced connectivity (LTE/4G/5G), the Internet of Things, the media, the Cloud, and artificial intelligence.


Defense in particular, but more broadly the security and trust industries, are seeking to encourage the emergence of new forms of innovation and new kinds of innovators.

With its scientific potential and engineering capabilities, b<>com, which addresses innovation in various civilian technologies (5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality, spatialized audio, holography, user experience, digital infrastructure, etc.), can play a role in the digital transformation in order to help these technologies find new use cases in critical environments, thereby becoming dual-use. Already active in cybersecurity with concrete results in authentication and digital identity, content protection, network security with anomaly detection, intrusion, and remediation, b<>com is opening up its projects to cyberdefense with its shareholder-members and the French ecosystem, particularly including the Pôle d'Excellence Cyber Cluster.


b<>com invests in the latest technological ressources in order to support its projects. Its infrastructures and skills are available for rent or for service offers.