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b<>com Ngagement

A new generation of XR tools, designed to minimize risk and optimize human performance in your complex systems.


b<>com *Ngagement* revolutionizes the design of complex system interaction through the integrated combination of agile design tools, collaborative immersive technologies and artificial intelligence behavioral and cognitive analysis.

b<>com *Ngagement* responds to the demand from manufacturers for new user-centered solutions to:

  • Explore new interaction concepts;
  • Increase the usability, efficiency and acceptability of interaction devices;
  • Reduce costs and lead times by de-risking early design phases.

b<>com *Ngagement* helps human factors experts, designers of complex systems and innovators to optimize their environments, products and services from the earliest stages of design.

interaction design for systems

key features: comprehensive 3-step method

1. Easily integrate or create advanced simulations of complex systems in XR

2. Design and audit in agile collaboration with distributed teams

3. Objective assessment of Human Factors, cognitive and behavioral data


  • Improved quality and compliance 
  • Predictive and iterative design of acceptable and efficient interactions
  • Anticipation and management of organizational risks
  • Optimization of time-to-market and development costs


interaction design for systems
Dominique Soler - CEO de Human Design Group

Dominique Soler

CEO of Human Design Group

The recognized Human Factors expertise of b<>com allows us to cooperate effectively and develop an ambitious research and development program for new technologies. With b<>com *Ngagement*, Human design Group accelerates its value propositions in the field of complex operational concept simulation and user behavior analysis






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