Add some innovation to your events!

On Tuesday, December 1st, a hundred VIPs attended a special preview of b<>com *l’Espace*. At its campus in Rennes, France, b<>com now offers 500m2 of event space for lease, equipped with the latest sound and image technology.

The guests had the opportunity to preview the *l'Espace Hypermedia* space. This unique venue offers an unparalleled premium set-up to immerse attendees in images and sound. It adds an uncommon touch to brands and all types of presentations. Professional lighting, easy chairs, optimized acoustics (7.1 sound) and giant screens... The facilities at *l’Espace Hypermedia* help the space itself send a message.

The visit was also a chance to experience *l’Espace Conférences*, a venue where technology is used to strengthen the effectiveness of meetings and presentations. The modular 180m2 that can be arranged into three rooms is easily controlled from touchscreen tablets. The room's configurations can be set in advance for more peace of mind on the big day.

The guests also had the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic terrace on the campus' roof, which completes the environment.

Bertrand Guilbaud, CEO b<>com, unveiled the introductory video for b<>com *l’Espace*. He noted that the location had been designed and conceived around user experiences and practices. "I hope you will leave tonight with memories of an experience full of our innovative spirit," he concluded.

Learn all about b<>com *l’Espace* by clicking here.