Nicolas De Montbel


Solutions Integration & Validation Manager

Nicolas de Montbel - bcom
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  • Career

A graduate of the École Supérieure d’Electricité (CentraleSupelec), Nicolas began his career as a hardware development R&D engineer at Alcatel CIT in Lannion, designing ASICs and FPGAs. Beginning in 1999, he held a series of positions in software development, development team management, customer support, customer support project management, testing team management, and security test development. In 2016, Nicolas joined Nokia as the Scrum Master of an E2E and cybersecurity testing team, working on SDM database products in cloud environments.


  • At b<>com

Nicolas came to b<>com in March 2021 to be Manager of the Solution Integration and Validation team for private network products. With the team, he defines the integration and validation strategy and implements it through automated campaigns that will test the solution end-to-end, incorporating radio, core networks, cybersecurity, mobile devices, and simulators to ensure the quality expected by private clients (industry 4.0, hospitals, campuses, festivals, etc.).