Ludovic Noblet

Board of Directors

Director Technology, Standards, IP & Licensing

Ludovic Noblet - bcom
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  • Career

Ludovic graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique de l’Universite de Nantes with a specialty in electronics, signal processing and real-time computing systems. Ludovic started his career in 1992 at the Thomson Electronics Research Labs. Until 2004, he worked advancing and delivering technologies for digital TV broadcast, first for the US markets and then European ones. In 2001, he took part into the very first IPTV and mobile TV projects. He joined France Telecom in 2004 as an IPTV architect where he managed the technical aspects for the introduction of high definition into the Orange IPTV service. In 2006, he continued his career at Orange Labs and was named Head of the R&D lab devoted to video compression. He joined Dolby Laboratories Inc in 2010 in San Francisco as a Senior Director, in charge of technology consistency for new video initiatives under incubation and maturation. In 2012, he was appointed Senior Director, Principal Architect, for the Broadcast business unit of Dolby Laboratories, in charge of technology strategy and planning. He has been a significant contributor to Dolby’s innovation areas.


  • At b<>com

He arrived at b<>com in 2014 as Director of Licensing, putting him in charge of managing and exploiting the intellectual property generated by b<>com and leading b<>com Licensing. Between 2016 and 2021, he also led the Hypermedia research area. Since late 2021, Ludovic has headed the Technology, Standards, IP & Licensing division, which is in charge of the long-term technology roadmap, standardization-related activities, and managing and exploiting intellectual property.