b<>com *Wireless Library* [Wireless CC]

Seamless Wireless Transmissions

Product presentation

The [Wireless CC] module allows seamless wireless transmissions. It comes from the b<>com *Wireless Library* and implements Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Link Adaptation matching across a wide range of Physical Layers and standard specifications.

The [Wireless CC] is a parallel and efficient all-in-one architecture for both the transmitter and receiver ends. This generic FEC core supports many common standards such as Wi-Fi and LTE by setting some specific parameters and configuring the mutualized architecture on the fly.

Features & benefits

Aims to cover a large selection of systems and standards thanks to its specific upgradeable architecture.

Easy interface
Uses handshake-supporting customizations to the Avalon and AXI bus interface. The flexible design allows easy dynamic adaptation.

Target agnostic
Can be used on multiple targets (including major FPGA vendors).

Fast reconfiguration
Is capable of switching from one standard to another in a few clock cycles, allowing low reconfiguration latency.

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