b<>com *Wireless Library* [Polar FEC]

A 3GPP 5G-New Radio Compliant Polar-Code IP

Product presentation

b<>com *Wireless Library* [Polar FEC] is an encoder/decoder IP compliant with 3GPP NR specifications for 5G applications. The decoder implements a Successive Cancelation List (SCL) algorithm whose list size (L) is customizable to match different targets of BER performance and hardware sizes. The IP is wrapped in generic interfaces for easy integration into your product design.

Key features

  • Decoding

CRC-aided SCL decoding algorithm
Scalable list sizes: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24
Codeword length 64 ≤ N ≤1024
Information length 1≤ K ≤5/6 N
3GPP frozen set

  • Encoding

High throughput: ~4Gbps @250MHz
Low resource utilization: < 2 kLUTs
3GPP frozen set


  • FPGA vendors agnostic
  • Decoding throughput of up to 176 Mbps @145MHz (L=8)
  • Compact size: < 160 kLUTs (L=8)
  • Decoding latency: 0.77μs−11.7μs (N =64−1024, R = 1⁄2, L = 8)
  • Avalon & AXI4-stream interfaces support

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