b<>com *Wireless Library* [LPWA SDR Platform]

A multi-standard SDR Modem solution for LPWA networks

Product presentation

More than 20 billion connected things are expected by 2020. While market expectations are huge, a handful of different technologies compete to provide connectivity to IoT nodes, thus leading to potential issues with interoperability, cost, performance and deployment.

For this reason, as part of its Wireless Library, b<>com has developed its [LPWA SDR Platform] that can accomodate several proprietary and 3GPP based access technologies and that offers outstanding reception performance thanks to cutting-edge digital filtering and patented demodulation algorithms. 

Key features

  • Versatile: A wide range of systems and standards (LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M) thanks to specific and flexible architecture
  • Efficient: Patented signal processing techniques for unprecedented reception performance
  • Smart: Strong data rate reduction (~1000x in LoRa) thanks to raw I/Q stream HW filtering


  • Limited HW cost and unbeatable scalability thanks to its unique C-RAN architecture
  • A single solution for both proprietary and cellular LPWANs
  • Enables new service opportunities thanks to outstanding reception performances
  • Guaranteed longevity built into reconfigurable HW and SDR approach

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