b<>com *Wireless Edge Factory*

Fred Pieau
A 5G Mobile Edge private connectivity enabler

Product presentation

The Tier 2 and Tier 3 venue market is more than 15 times larger than the Tier 1 market, but stays virtually unserved by any affordable connectivity solution.

b<>com *Wireless Edge Factory* is an SDN-based private network framework that allows end-to-end broadband, IoT and WebRTC critical communications to be carried out in a fully secure manner in small-to-medium-size buildings or industrial sites.

Key features

  • Security:

Unified SIM-based WLAN/LTE authentication approach (EAP-AKA, EPS-AKA)
Patented and distributed SDN-based firewalling solution
5G slice-based architecture ensuring isolation between services

  • Service continuity: Unified DHCP that enables seamless mobility between connected RAN for all services profiles
  • Onboarding & provisioning: Zero touch installation and provisioning (Heat, Ansible playbooks)
  • Inexpensive: Compatible to Commercial Off-The-Shelf Wi-Fi


  • Affordable solution for private/corporate operators
  • Move seamlessly from indoor to outdoor coverage without service interruption
  • Scale network footprint and density by adding new switches. (Multiple sites can be served by the same gateway)
  • Replaceable default pre-installed VNFs
  • Dead-simple installation and provisioning procedures
  • Fully secure and reliable communications suitable for critical services

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