b<>com *Spatial Audio Toolbox*

With a strong background of several years of audio research performed by a world-class team and the unique input of experts in subjective perception and experience acceptability, b<>com has introduced a set of audio plugins enabling the creation of truly immersive contents and experiences.

Relying on Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) technology, the b<>com * Spatial Audio Toolbox * plugins provide a complete workflow, from capture to rendering on a headphones or multi-loudspeaker setup. HOA makes it easy to play back complex sound scenes binaurally with head-tracking and it has now became the audio technology of choice for the growing areas of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

b<>com * Spatial Audio Toolbox * [HOA Pan]

The [HOA Pan] plugin is a key element of the b<>com * Spatial Audio Toolbox *. It lets you pan dynamically mono, stereo or surround sources into a HOA encoded 3D sound scene. Additional features allow it to reproduce near-field effect or distance attenuation.

b<>com * Spatial Audio Toolbox * [Render SpK2Bin]

The [Render Spk2Bin] plugin renders channel-based 3D audio over headphones, using a virtual loudspeaker approach. It includes a database of Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs) for converting major 2D and 3D audio formats (Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, 22.2…) to binaural audio. Each channel can be selected individually for fast monitoring of complex setups. In addition, the plugin includes reverberated HRTFs, which add a realistic room effect and improve externalization.


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