b<>com *Ngagement*

A new generation of interaction design to boost your systems’ conception.

To reduce costs and deadlines, explore new concepts of interaction and reduce the risk of usability of innovations, manufacturers are searching for new user-centric solutions.

b<>com *Ngagement* revolutionizes the interaction design of complex systems by the integrated combination of agile design tools, natural immersive technologies and AI behavioral analysis.

It helps human factors experts, complex systems designers and innovators to assess their interaction concepts, simulate human-machine collaboration, change on the fly tests scenarios and monitor users’ behaviors and cognitive states (such as workload or stress), in early steps of design.

Key features

  • Real-time cognitive states analysis
  • Dataviz with HMD integrated biosensor
  • Cognitive, behavioral and subjective synchronized data from users, in order to train specific machine
  • learning predictions
  • Tangible and natural mixed reality interaction
  • On-the-fly scenarios, HMI or interactions modifications
  • Automatic business action recognition based on user interactions
  • Seamless user-centric design: create, simulate and test in the process


  • Test early
  • Optimize system conception
  • Reduce risks/ time to market
  • Get objective and relevant assessment
  • Collect behavioral data for AI interactive

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